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If you are booking a luxury vacation, it is imperative that the person you are working with has professional experience, and a long history of offering world-class accommodations. When booking a high-end vacation through the Sabrina Luxury Collection Brand, you are guaranteed to be working with someone who has dedicated their life to helping travelers and visitors experience the very best service and accommodations imaginable. Sabrina has turned her passion of helping others, along with her expertise in the hospitality industry into a business designed to provide the highest quality experience imaginable. How does Sabrina differ from other hosts? Her expertise as a tour guide, a general manager for the a luxury chain like the Hyatt, having 650 hours of experience as a pilot, a villa manager in Costa Rica, and a long history of providing customer service for luxury hotels throughout Italy and the United States makes her stand out above the rest. If you are looking for someone who is hands on, and is willing to go the extra mile to make a vacation a trip of a lifetime, then she is the one to make the trip happen. Sabrina has spent her lifetime living in different countries, learning the local languages, and learning as much as possible about the different cultures and customs. Her life experiences have matched her long history of success in the hospitality industry. Her commitment to never shying away from a challenge is what motivates her, and makes her such a valuable point of contact in the industry. Also, her incredible versatility to adapt to different situations is something that numerous hotels throughout different parts of the world have valued so much from Sabrina. Throughout her career, she has managed some of the most beautiful multi-millionaire villas in places like Costa Rica and Italy. Her dedication to visiting the owners of her villas frequently, and speaking with on-site managers show her commitment to providing a world-class trip. Also, her passion to helping people is what really makes her shine. She is courteous, professional, personal, and dedicated to helping improve the lives of others. Due to her long history in the hospitality industry, she has become an expert at knowing what people want, and helping people obtain their wishes. She truly does love what she does, and she’s determined to become the world’s best luxury villa rentals expert. Every single day she does something to make this goal become a reality. If you want the best of the best, there’s no better place to book your trip than through Sabrina’s Luxury Collection Brand. When booking a trip such as this, you don’t want to be left guessing—you want to know that all of your needs, requests, and demands are met. If you would like to have a skype chat with Sabrina prior to booking your trip, just contact her to set that up. Sabrina will be happy to help you, and happy to get to know you. .

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  •   +39 333 2065514
  •   USA & Canada 1-877-ME VILLA
  •  Pordenone, Italy


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