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The Sabrina Luxury Collection was launched in 2013 when we lived in Costa Rica during a life-changing holiday of two weeks that became four years living in the Pura Vida land.

When we arrived and stayed there we had realized we needed to bring and share our experience in the luxury hospitality industry and luxury travel experience with the locals and to bring more discerning travelers in Costa Rica.

We loved Guanacaste very much and proud to call it home for four wonderful years. We saw that there were great luxury properties but few were offering a luxury experience to the travelers. In December of 2010, we launched  Sabrina Luxury Collection offering the properties we were managing (at the beginning few beachfront apartments and then properties within Reserva Conchal resort and beachfront villas within Hacienda Pinilla, Flamingo, Papagayo) located in the Guanacaste area. We provided transportation to grocery shopping delivery to all of our guests and collaborating with the best professionals in the area. With Sabrina Luxury Collection we have become the point of reference for exceptional properties and service in the Guanacaste area and we built an international reputation for exceptional service and always 24/7 on-call service being also the property managers on site.

We specialised in Costa Rica alone for four years, growing our team of experts there. Our repeat guests began asking us about suggestions for other destinations and if we could help them arranging their trips and vacations in other locations. So since we are experienced travellers, Sabrina Piccinin, the founder, worked in the luxury hospitality business for the last 22 years travelling and working in USA for Hyatt and Italy, we decided to launch Sabrina Luxury Collection in 2013 again with few villas located in the St. Martin area. In 2014 we moved back to Italy (our home country) due to the fact that we wanted our children to attend the school in Italy. We became a point of reference for luxury travel. People reach us for suggestions about where to eat and stay in Italy, where to stay in Costa Rica, what to do in St. Martin…and we are always happy to share our knowledge. Our office is located near Venice Italy, the setting is strategically near unique locations like Lake Como, Croatia, Tuscany, French Riviera that we travelled the last few years and always on the road to verify and inspect the villas and luxury hotels for our clients. Sabrina the founder has more than 20 years experience in the luxury hospitality field, been a general manager for luxury hotels required her to always make sure to keep high standards in the properties she managed.

We are proud partners with . We launched in 2016 because we saw there were not sites where only ultimate villas and resorts where listed and the idea behind is to provide a collection of ultimate homes around unique locations. We love creating great connections with the professionals who welcome our guests to the different locations. We do our work with the heart of the real hospitality. Year by year we have raised and assisted our guests with pride with one goal: exceed the expectations and create a memorable vacation.

  Our unique luxury villa rentals service offers a premium value than our contemporaries as we’ll give you that exact home comfort you’ve always desired. We create also wonderful packages where we select unique activities or tours in the different areas.

We live and our office is located near Venice, Italy, in a small town with our two children, who were born here but lived in Costa Rica for four years and travelled in USA. We have been meeting thousands of people, flying all over, driving miles/kilometres to always strive and provide the best experience to our dearest guests.

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I've planned several trips usually Sabrina and she has never disappointed! I will continue to use her for future vacations!!! She is was you call old school. She actually cares about her clients. Thank you!!!!

John O.

Sabrina is one of the most professional people whom I know. Responsible, 24/7 service, so kind and helpful. I'm so glad that I have experience work with her. Highly recommend! Thanks for your co-operation!

Irina P.


Our Top Skill

We love what we do and our achievements is your happiness and your memorable travel experience. Let us help you!


The Story


I am often asked why I travel so much and why I insist on putting myself in new environments and constantly learning new things. A simple answer is: it keeps me fresh and alive, it keeps me inspired and inspire others to do the same.
As Kristin Armstrong says:
Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.

It is Nice To Meet You!

I spent my formative years in Italy in a town 30 minutes from Venice, that is where I embarked on a career travel industry in 1993s. “During the 30s, my grandmother was the manager of a luxury hotel in Paris and my grandfather the bellman. This was a grand place where both the middle class and noble travelers chose to stay in this beautiful city. I was always excited to listen to my grandparents’ stories about their experiences while working there and all of the wonderful people they met. My grandmother was the queen of hospitality”. I started working for luxury hotels in Italy Venice area, Liguria Cinque Terre, the Lakes area and USA (Florida, Missouri, and Massachusetts – General Manager and District Manager for Hyatt International). I am an FAA commercial pilot with 650 hours of flight hours built in USA. After traveling the four corners of the world as a successful luxury hotel general manager and also the property manager for luxury villas in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, I ended up to come back where I started my journey. I love the fact to live in between the Dolomites and the most beautiful city in the world: Venice.

I decided to strike out and create Sabrina Luxury Collection (Luxury Travel Designer), Haute Retreats (ultimate luxury villas that you can book directly through owners onsite managers from booking to payments), Travel Luxury Villas (The official Blog), a hospitality/travel company that creates ultimate amazing Experiences in Italy and other wonderful destinations, giving our guests access to the most stunning properties and of course the ever “Dolce Vita” style not only in Italy but recreate the same hospitality atmosphere in each of property you stay. 

Since its founding, Sabrina Luxury Collection has become part of Upscale Living Magazine, St. Barts Blogs, Punta Cana Luxury Lifestyle and Clientele Luxury Partner.

The Sabrina Luxury Collection caters to different traveler preferences. The collection of luxury villa rentals has an unforgettable experience for everyone, from the cultural explorer to the trendsetter in search of the most popular destination. The collection also tailors to travelers in search of relaxation, a distinctly authentic experience, or those who enjoy coming back to the same experience. I  traveled around Europe, lived in the USA and traveled the USA from North to South, from East to West including Hawaii, lived in  Costa Rica, now she is in Italy.

My vision for Sabrina Luxury Collection is to be a unique luxury hospitality and destination expert that is the best company to experience the place and the time you travel.

“I believe that luxury is a state of mind and a lifestyle and this is reflected in our hearts”,

Sabrina Piccinin


Why Hire SLC as Your Luxury Travel Designer and Luxury Villa Rentals Expert

Finding the right amenities when you are planning a trip does not have to be difficult. If you are looking for luxury accommodations, you need a luxury villa rentals expert who knows exactly how to find you the best places to stay, places to eat, and things to do. I don’t just specialise in travel, however.

My long career in the hospitality industry has equipped me to provide guidance and advice in a range of subjects, from finding the perfect hotel to creating the ideal itinerary for your guests. Don’t plan your

  1. I never shy away from a challenge. When I was a teenager, I got my private pilot’s license even before I got my driver’s license. That is still an unusual achievement today, but in 1994, in North Italy, it was unheard of. I don’t say this to brag, I simply mean to demonstrate by willingness to tackle anything and everything. From booking a luxurious villa in the Tuscan countryside to helping you find local vendors, I am willing to take on any challenge.
  2. Capable of working well under stress. At eighteen, I was hired as a booking agent at the Cinque Terre hotel. By nineteen, I had been promoted to general manager, in charge of the entire, 90-room hotel. This was a huge learning experience for me and proved that I could work well even under high levels of stress. No matter how large or how complex the problem is that you need to tackle, I can help.

3. Versatile and willing to adapt. After working at Cinque Terre, I went to another hotel near the border of France. This hotel was in terrible shape and needed a firm hand to help it straighten up and return to its former glory. After a year working with this hotel, I was asked to open a brand new hotel by Iseo Lake, which catered to extremely high profile clientele, including Sofia Loren, politicians from all over the world, and well-known business magnates. These three positioned allowed me to figure out how to be adaptable and versatile, harnessing my skills. The connections made during this time and the knowledge I gathered enables me to help you plan the perfect vacation or retreat. I know that each person needs and expects something different, so I have learned to be adaptable to accommodate those needs and expectations

4. In-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry. Starting at a very young age, I have spent my entire adult life working in hospitality. This makes me the ideal choice if you are looking for someone to help you not just find, but also book and plan vacations, retreats, corporate events, weddings, etc. The hospitality business requires a versatile individual, who is more than willing to learn and to work hard. Through creating a customer service and manager training programs for Hyatt, I learned the intimate inner workings of the hospitality industry, making it possible for me to find you unique, luxurious accommodations that no other expert can find. In Costa Rica I managed and inspected the most beautiful millionaire villas for my clients. The villas that are on my collection are inspected and constantly evaluated. In Italy I travel very often to visit the villa owners and on-site managers to make sure what I offer is the best for my clients. I also plan site visits in Spain and France. If you would like to check your villa before you rent it I will be happy to schedule a Skype Video visit for you here in Italy! 

5.I love helping people. I like to believe that part of the reason I was chosen to be promoted and have had so many great opportunities during my lifetime is that I love to help other people, exceed their expectations, and make them happy. I first started my company specifically because there were villa owners and villa managers in the area that wanted to be able to use my services. Even in my early days in the industry, it was always my mission to make customers and guests happy, whether that meant ensuring they had a clean villa or their children were entertained, or just that the checking-in process was a smooth as possible.

I love what I do—that’s how you know that you will always get the very best service when you work with me. I work from a place of passion, instead of a place of obligation. I started my business to become the world’s best luxury villa rentals expert, and I endeavour to achieve that goal every day. If you are planning a vacation, business retreat, wedding, or other special event, let me help!

From the stylish to the very practical, from lavish weddings to private business meetings, I can find you a great location. I don’t just help you find a villa, I provide a luxurious travel experience unlike any other. When you choose me as your luxury villa rentals expert, Sabrina Luxury Collection,  you benefit from my passion and from my belief that every minute of every day should provide us with a feeling of happiness and accomplishment.

Let us help you! Contact us today!