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Luxury Villa Rentals in Italy that Will Surprise Your Expectations

Luxury Villa Rentals in Italy that Will Surprise Your Expectations

Imagine you have just flown halfway around the world to Italy. Your Italian is minimal at best. Yet, when you emerge from the airport and into the bright Italian sunlight, there is a luxury automobile waiting for you.

Your own personal car with chauffeur, who is ready to take you to your own exclusive luxury villa rental in Italy. It is truly the star treatment you have always craved. 

It is at that very moment that your holiday expectations have been met. Still, this is just the beginning, and those expectations will be exceeded and then some. 

Villa San Giacomo | Haute Retreats

Villa San Giacomo Amalfi Coast | HautRetreats

It is just the first part of your trip, but the team you have entrusted to provide your luxury holiday has already hit a home run. From the airport, you are taken to lunch at a little restaurant or for an espresso at a picturesque Italian caféPerhaps, you will enjoy a “spuntino”, before you are back on your way to the luxury villa that was selected by your luxury villa team. The property was chosen just for you, with your needs in mind.

On this occasion, you will be staying at the opulent Villa San Giacomo. When the luxury car/van you have been chauffeured in pulls up to the house, you are immediately struck with the villa’s exterior beauty. The villa looks like something out of a film on Italian history or an Italian Renaissance-era movie.

Walking up the steps and in the front door, you are whisked back in time to a period from Italy’s past. Only, you have all of the modern luxuries that make life wonderful. Classic furnishings, painted ceiling murals, and beautiful sculptures decorate this amazing Italian luxury villa. The interior beauty of the property has now super-ceded the amazing outer portions you thought could not be topped.

Villa San Giacomo | Amalfi Coast | Haute Retreats

However, it is not just at Villa San Giacomo that you will find luxury offerings that make guests feel like celebrities. Italy is full of gorgeous villas, each providing guests with unique experiences in Lake Como area, Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia

Villa Cetinale originally built in 1680, it transformed the ruins of an Etruscan settlement into a Roman Baroque villa for Pope Alexander VII. This grandiose Tuscan villa fringes the equally historic walled city of Siena, and offers easy access to the archetypal Tuscan towns of Volterra and San Gimignano. Siena’s world famous horse race, the Palio of Siena, was actually held in the property’s wood on seven occasions because of riots in the city. So take care when out for a stroll! Imagine staying in a major five-star hotel, yet it is a villa that once housed Italian royalty and clergymen. The beauty of Villa Cetinale has to be seen to be believed. 

Villa Cetinale and the Villa San Giacomo are just two of the amazing villas you can choose from in Italy. Each magnificent property has its own unique style and flair. You can find unique luxury villa rentals in Italy to suit your holiday needs.

Regardless of which luxury villa you choose to stay in, there are plenty of options. Whether you are looking for a castle overlooking the hills and mountains of Perugia, or you are looking for a villa that offers a rustic Sardinian setting, there is a luxury property for everyone. 

Now that you have arrived at the villa that was chosen specifically for you and your holiday needs, you are greeted by your own personal chef. He has prepared a menu with care, choosing only the best Italian fare made from the area’s produce. This is just some of the amazing service you can expect from a trip to a luxury villa. It is also what you should expect from an experienced luxury villa team that can plan your holiday the way you always dreamed it would be. 

Your trip has been carefully planned, from the moment you set foot on the airplane to the moment you return home, and the luxury villa team you have employed has done it all for you. 

Whether it is lounging in your villa’s swimming pool during the day, luxury properties are the best ways to spend a holiday. 

With five-star hotel service and quality, but secluded and peaceful, luxury villa rentals in Italy are perfect for a summer vacation.

Personal, exclusive and customer service are three reasons you should put your next holiday in Italy in the hands of a luxury villa expert.

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