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My Time in Costa Rica

My Time in Costa Rica

In 2010, my husband and I decided to move to Costa Rica with our two small children. At the time, we were living in Italy, which is a beautiful country with plenty to offer those who live there. For us, however, it wasn’t a perfect fit. North Italy was, frankly, a bit boring and with one child of three years old and another of four years old, we wanted a natural location that had more activities and opportunities for them and for us as a family.

We started researching different locations that would fall into both the natural and the exciting categories. After looking into many different countries, we finally decided on Costa Rica. At the time, we were not sure how long we wanted to stay. Our plan was to visit for a couple of weeks and then to make a serious determination about whether or not this was the right place for us. My daughter was having a serious health issue at the time and before we could really decide whether or not Costa Rica was right, we had to make sure the climate would improve her health, not make it worse.

After landing in San Jose, we stepped aboard a tiny Sansa plane to fly into Tamarindo. This was in September, which is the middle of the rainy season. We had purposefully chosen the rainy season because we knew that if we could learn to love the rainy season, we would be perfectly fine with the dry season.

My daughter’s health improved in just two days. We hadn’t yet made the final decision to stay or go, but when our two weeks were up, we knew that we wanted to stay. Instead of getting back on the plane, we stayed in Costa Rica for four years of Pura Vida.

Why did we stay in Costa Rica? Because we’d felt that our life was seriously upgraded. Yes, we had a beautiful home, but we also had monkeys waking us up in the morning and beautiful weather and extremely kind and friendly people surrounding us. During those four years, Playa Conchal became our favorite beach, not only because it was only a few minutes’ walks from home, but also because it was a beautiful white sand beach.

While our four years are up and we have returned to Italy, we will always have those amazing travel memories.



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