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Amalfi Coast Climate

Amalfi Coast Climate


Too chilly for sunbathing, is balmier than you’d expect: Average temperatures for Amalfi in December, January and February, for example, range from a low of about 40°F to a high of 55°F. Yes, there’s more rain than usual—November is the rainiest month of the year—but there are still plenty of crisp, sunny days, too.


Low   3°C /  39°F

High  11°C / 53°F

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March in Sorrento, on the Amalfi coast in southern Italy, is slightly warmer than preceding months, although nice beach weather is still a long time away. March is the first month since November that has a daily average temperature in the two digits—it is 11°C. Compared to the three winter months before, March sees an increase in both the nighttime low temperature and daytime high temperature. They average respectively 6°…

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April sees temperatures rise in Amalfi Coast as the tourist season slowly kicks off. The daily average reaches 13°C, a two-degree increase since March but still far removed from the annual maximum of 24°C in  July and August.  In the afternoon, the temperature rises to a pleasant average high of 18°C. At night, it drops to 8°C. Both the average high and low temperatures increase in the course of the month, by 3 and 2 degrees respectively. The Mediterranean Sea slowly begins to warm up again as well—the sea temperatureaverages 15°C, one degree more than in February and March. Although the afternoons are getting more and more comfortable, the sea temperature doesn’t yet allow for dips in the sea. However, if the weather is pleasant enough, you can head to one of the nearby beaches such as Marina Piccola, Marina Grande or Punto del Capo and take a sailing trip.

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May on the stunning Amalfi coast is much warmer than the previous months. It is the first month of the year when both the low and high average temperatures are above 10°C. They are respectively 12°C and 22°C, both a four-degree increase compared with their counterparts in April. Both temperatures also continue to rise throughout the month. The nighttime low temperature increases from 10°C to about 15°C, while the daytime high temperature rises from 20°C to 25°C.

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June – July – August

June sees Amalfi Coast, Italy, become extremely warm and dry. The average temperature this month is a warm 21°C, which, in fact, makes June the third warmest month in the entire year. Only July and August, with their averages of 24°C, are hotter. September has the same average temperature. During the night, the mercury doesn’t drop below 16°C, allowing for very comfortable evening strolls along the spectacular coast

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September sees temperatures that are slightly milder than preceding months in Sorrento, Italy, although it is still extremely warm. The average daily temperature is 21°C, three degrees below the annual maximum that was recorded in July and August, but comfortably warm by all standards. In the afternoons, the mercury rises to an average high of 26°C, while at night, it dips to a still pleasant average of 15°C.

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October and November in Amalfi Coast, Italy, see cooler temperatures than preceding months but the weather is still rather mild. The average daily temperature is 17°C, significantly below the 24°C maximum that is recorded in the peak summer months of July and August, but still quite comfortable by all accounts.

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December is one of the coolest months of the year. The average temperature doesn’t climb above 10°C this time of year—it is at 9°C in December.

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